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Dear Collegues,

This database is free to use for all and lists information on subjects concerning daily operational knowhow
The database will be filled with information and has a good search function.

Why another knowledge base, if so much info is available online?

- This way specific information will be gathered, without the disturbance of non relevant information. Level and need are determined by      the participants,

Objective is :

1. Documentation of procedures handling regularly occurring tickets / incidents.
2. Answering questions of less experienced collegues.

This database is NOT to be used for company specific information, passwords or other non public information.

Way of working :

- Everyone can contribute, sending documents to :
- Project participants phradse questions to each other.
- The answer is written down and the document will be archived in database.
- Johan de Groot will administer and keep the database up to date.
- Preparation of changes should also be written down, and saved so they can be reused.

Examples : What exactly is RZ20 / How to do a kernel upgrade / How to check a user role / How to extend an Oracle tablespace etc.

The following areas now have been defined :

- General                      Manual on how to use DMS
- Operating System
- ORACLE                     Documents on Oracle
- DB2
- Business Connector     Info's on Business Connector
- SolMan                      SolutionManager
- SUM                         All experiences using SUM

They are searchable through a searchfunction.

To start participating in this little project, apply for a user now :

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